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About Smart Coach

Smart Coach is an online resource and physical activities database. These activities are placed into lessons that mirror the coaching program run in the wider North Canterbury community by the North Canterbury Sport and Recreation Trust. 

Key Features

- Activities database that is continually updated

- Aspects of physical literacy and physical numeracy

- Video Content 

- Lessons that replicate the NCSRT coaching program

- Easily searchable activities and lessons

- Local software support

Activities are easily searchable in a number of ways including by activity type and age level. The activities have easy to follow instructions and are also accompanied by videos. Equipment lists are included for every activity and there are also lists of modifications which allow for changes to be made to account for a wide variety of different class types.



Lessons are sorted into folders that detail which area of physical activity they cover and which skill level they are for. Every lesson page contains an overview for each activity. Click into each activity for a more detailed explanation as to how they work. Smart Coach also has the ability to reformat lessons so they are better for printing purposes.

- An online resource for teachers to add more variety and structure to physical education

- Student accessible learning. Students can work on Smart Coach with their own logins either at school or a home with tablets or computers.

- Activities are proven and easy to use

- Sport and physical activity is important in a number of ways, don't allow students to grow into bad statistics!

Why use Smart Coach?

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